Saturday, March 10, 2007

Check Point: week 3

Week 3

Quote from One hand typing blog post

But…while the books make me feel as though I am earnestly working towards my dreams, making lists and flowcharts, in reality, I can’t seem to translate any of the lessons into just LIVING—into attempting to find my creative tribe, into writing my books, into finding a way to incorporate beauty into my life. No, the books just seem to lead me to more books.

I´m starting to read Cameron´s book again, in case I missed something. Little things are happening and then I go back to my old procastinating ways.

1. I still write every day. Only one page once. Mostly three. I need to get other "life stuff" out of the way first.

2. No artist´s date.

3. Syncronicity of the week: hands.
Helping hands reading.
Kirsty´s hand comp.


Leah said...

don't you just love the synchronicities?! ((Hugs)) to you!

Laura B. said...

I really love your profile picture. I'm a sucker for photo booths, too!

Good luck with Week Four!

Caroline said...

I tried to subscribe to your blog (I'm attempting to catch up and at least read other Finding Water blogs...) but there isn't a feed... maybe you don't want one but I thought I'd let you know just in case you didn't!

And I LOVE synchronicities!


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