Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Finding Water: week 11

Some questions the gals following the Finding Water book are answering this week.

Have you reorganized your living space?
A bit here, a bit there.
Have you thrown anything away?
I do the 27 thing fling thing (flylady) ever so often
Has your sense of color shifted?
Not that I´ve noticed. Although I chose a different colour for each week of the last 12.
Has your relationship to music shifted?
I´ve started to "recover" some old favourites.
Do you find yourself being more plainspoken?
Kind of.
Have there been any shifts in your intimate relationship?
Have you experienced any difference in your energy?
Yes, only small outburst but so much better than my lazy snail usual speed.
Have you experienced any weight gain or loss?
Have you relinquished or seriously thought about relinquishing any other "bad" habit?
Are you conscious of having more choices in your daily life?
Yes, I see other options now. Including food!
Has your relationship to a Higher Power altered?
Still reluctant.
Are you more comfortable with your spirituality?
No change.

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