Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tagged again

I was tagged a few days ago by Tracey who asked me to post 7 random things about me. I was also tagged by Wendy who asked me to post 10 weird things about me.

As my random things are kind of weird, I´ll combine both tags! Lol!

1) I´m totally addicted to Neopets
2) My user name is Petunia Belle. My friends from the Cropper´s Cottage days will remember her. ~waving to Becky~ :)
3) I´ve got my own neopet called Missylou. Where did it come from? Petunia was a Belle. And Belles are true Missys, lol. And of course there is my friend Missy
4) I´m "working" to get my neopet the Booktastic Book Club prize.
5) If I can make it before Missylou is 1 year old, I´ll build her home.
6) When that is done the next step is ... Wendylou! :D Yes, you guessed, that one will be named after Wendy
7) Both ds and dd have neopets and we share secrets, tricks and tips.


becky said...

i love neopets!! my username is dinkime...

Tracey said...

I daren't go over there to neopets, I just know I would become insanely addicted lol - sound familiar lol

Thanks for playing along Paula :)

Karen said...

Hehe, a very intersting set of facts. :)


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