Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Summer holidays!!!

Matias finished his primary school and Tatiana will be in Year 3 next March.

Got to bed at 2am after ds´s party which started at 7pm. I took a ton of pics, don´t even know how many. My battery started to fail ´cause I was taking so many so fast when the kids were getting on stage to get their stuff (one teacher gave the record card, another the German diploma, another ... you get the idea ) Our class had the loudest parents giving them a round of applause!

The kids also sang and danced and told their hopes for the future. The most touching part for me was when Year 6 C got down from the stage and their Year 1 C teacher was there to kiss each kid. The teachers gave them a message with banners that shone with the black light, lovely too.

After the formal part in the theatre we had a party in the indoors playground. We got the same karaoke group we had for Kid´s Day. The kids sang, the parents sang the teachers sang! We danced till after midnight.

And now ... summer holidays!

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