Sunday, November 23, 2008

AEDM 23 / SC Day 22: almost no sleep is good for me

AEDM Day 23: Arrived home 4.30am after dancing with friends at the club. Stayed till dawn, listening to Denise´s audio for today and surfing.I took pictures of the moon because it was pretty.

Went to bed at 7am and woke up at 10am with a burning desire to finish these pages that had been brewing this past week. So I did. :D
SC Day 22:
affirmation for today: I am one with the Earth. I am one with my body.
Yesterday I didn´t felt that good with my body. My friends are so much thinner than I am and they can use such pretty clothes (it didn´t help that I had certainly underdressed for the event)
I felt one with the Earth because I felt as big as the Earth, lol.
A logical step to take would be exercise but I´d rather spend my free time here. Of course there is always the "eat less" option ...

More later. :)


Nancy said...

Oh Paula, you are beautiful. I haven't been out dancing in a long time, unless you count that little dance you do when the music is playing and your cleaning house LOL.
Bet you all had fun! Very cute layouts.

Genie Sea said...

I feel every single word you wrote in this post. :)

linda said...

darling, you are a beautiful woman, not a little skinny girl....own who you are, your breasts, your lovely hips, your rounded belly, your body as it feels it's best and be happy, you will never feel as well as you do this very day! :)


Kavindra said...

We all compare ourselves. I want you to know that when you have posted pics I have compared myself to you!! So there. I wanted to be as pretty as well as happy and carefree as you in your pics. Plus you are going out dancing! We haven't been since we moved across country 2 years ago. But we are going soon thanks to your inspiration!

Rita said...

I think we are all harder on ourselves than we should be. I feel EXACTLY as you just described when I'm out with my girlfriends. I am not the skinny, cute one in the cute clothes. I need to drop 25 pounds and my wardrobe is so boring. But in the grand scheme of things -- it's just not that important.

4:30am???? I can't do that anymore. I would have been sleeping at the table while all my friends were still dancing! LOL

Love your gorgeous layouts!


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