Monday, November 24, 2008

AEDM Day 24 / SC Day 23: the sticker sneeze

AEDM Day 24:
just like I said yesterday I usually do ... I spent most of my free time surfing this morning, just 20 minutes before leaving to pick the kids up from school I put "crecer" together. It is called "growing up" because I have the same picture of them when they were 4 & 1 years old (now they are 12 and 9).

The second page is what in scrapbooking is called a "sticker sneeze". That is when you put stickers all over the place. In this case it even has stickers on stickers. :D

SC Day 23:

affirmation for today - my mind, body and spirit are clear channels for love, kindness and universal life force

Talking about surfing. I found a mine of detox info in this post by Dia and also on this other post

It is the first time I´ve heard about dry brushing (which I won´t do) and water blessing (which I´m interested in).

It´s only a month till summer but the temperatures have been unusually high these days. You know what that means: less clothes. Tiny young ´uns in tiny bright clothes. I can "do" bright. I can´t do tiny. It is disappointing not being able to dress as I want.

In my head I´m not a day over 26 and I´m still 56kg. I´m actually 41 and I´m not telling how much I weight! Lol!

The first day of not eating in between meals and adding fresh fruit/yoghurt for lunch is both the most difficult (I´m thinking about food all the time) and the easiest (I still have my will power intact).

Who know what tomorrow may bring.


tammy vitale said...

Hi - thanks for visiting my blog! Did you once have a blog called happysnappy? I seem to remember that from a past AEM. Love "sticker sneeze" - how appropriate and the page is wonderful. And sure do know what you mean about being 26 in your head! I'm 60 and on a good day am lucky if I make it past 18.... =]

Fatma said...

Thank you Paula for referring my blog.

I applaud you for taking steps to making a difference in your health. As you do so be gentle with yourself and do ask for help from the Universe.

Thank you also for sharing your scrapbooking with us. It is lovely.

Look out for my Angel Card's Reading for you.

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Hi Paula, Man you just have to love AEDM... look at all the cool blogs we get to go to and make new friends... If I send you 10 years worth of photos, could you scrap them for me! Haha that's how behind I am... I also love that you put a quote from Winnie the Pooh... I LOVE THAT BEAR!
Happy Holidays.

Kavindra said...

Just like the beginning of a new way of eating is both easier and harder, so too the beginning of the 40s my dear. I remember how hard it was to see the changes, and yet now that I am used to the fact things will change, I feel beautiful and healthy and strong again - I'm 48. On the other hand, I am 7 years closer to death, so that's the downside I suppose :)
All to say, it gets better and better once you get used to how it is not going to be exactly the same! (Who wants to see a wise sophisticated goddess running around in a belly tee anyway? You should have a crown and a ermine robe!)

Steve Emery said...

I like the sticker sneeze, too - I like the combination of the circles you left blank, along with the ones you filled with sticker on sticker. Nicely arranged!

Genie Sea said...

Love the idea of the sticker sneeze :)

I have been introducing a lot more fruits and veggies and organic granola bars to my diet. I am feeling much better since :)

Carol Cooper said...

Cool!! now I know what a "sticker sneeze" is, thank you Paula! :o) I like the way you make the cards very personal by adding the photo!

miss*R said...

water, yes drink lots n lots of it.. flushes out the toxins and with summer coming - lots of yummy salads and tropical fruits! yay!!

I have been blessing my water for a time now.. ever since a friend started blessing it long distance for me!

Dia said...

Oh, love the scrappy pictures - the sneeze is so fun! My grand daughters love to do that :)
Thanks for visiting & mentioning my post! I'll post about the Cherokee chants tomorrow :)


Sacred Suzie said...

I think this sounds like a very wise eating regime and I also think about food all of the time.


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