Tuesday, November 25, 2008

AEDM Day 25 / SC Day 24: Child of the Universe

AEDM Day 25: crafting with the girls at Bible class. That´s me with dd and a little friend. After finishing today´s cradle for baby Jesus the helping moms arranged all the kids stuff together (the calendar, the crown and the cradle).

SC Day 24:

Affirmation for today: My body is incredibly strong and healthy

If I managed to think and move in this heat without melting or collapsing, I am strong indeed. :)

Where do I begin? Holding up your body.

There is a saying in Spanish "El hábito no hace al monje" That means that even if somebody wears monk´s clothes he is not a monk if he is not spiritually prepared. BUT there is also "Wear the part", dressing has a powerful influence on mood. Like me when I underdressed on Saturday. That is also true for the way you hold your body as Denise says.

I love the "Child of the Universe" description. That´s how I´ve always felt, beyond country frontiers.

Level 1: What does my body say about me? It depends on the day. Some days I bounce, some days I drag my feet. While I worked I dressed up every day as I was the first person you saw when you entered the showroom. Nowadays I use colourful jeans and t shirts. I need shorts asap!!! I tend to smile even if I don´t feel like it. I´ll tell you I´m fine even if my head is splitting (I am a borderline migraine person).

Where does all this take me? *Paula looks around in confusion because she lost the plot somewhere in this post and can´t remember where she was going*


Fatma said...

So funny. The heat went to your head!

I love what you are doing with the children.

You are definitely a Child of the Universe.

Much Love

Genie Sea said...

LOL Paula! There's a plot to lose? :)

Kavindra said...

I like your contradictory sayings - because they are both true, oddly enough. How to find the balance, ahh that is always the rub ....

Jamie said...

LOL. Thank you for sharing the plot. What fun that it left us with a mysterious ending.


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