Tuesday, November 11, 2008

AEDM DAy 11 / SC Day 10

Art every day month. Today we helped at the Bible class. The kids made advent calendars and a few moms helped the kids out. {As usual I´m the mom behind the camera *wink*}
SC DAy 10:
In honour of the water week I washed the car.
No, not really. It was so dirty, it was already disgusting. *cheeky grin*
While washing it and mumbling under my breath I remembered Kelly´s words "With love Kelly, or not at all" Unfortunately in my case it would be "not at all" most of the time. :( I didn´t want to spend my time washing the car, I only did it for the people I carry (my kids and one of Tati´s friends, mom and sis) Then I "had to" do some other stuff. Yea, you guessed. Not a happy bunny.

Today we are paying particular attention to our relationships. As we go through our day, we relate to people, events, activities, our environment and the objects within it. Turn up your energy meter and notice what revs you up and what depletes you. Just increasing your awareness can start things shifting.
What will your energy meter discover?

I´m my own energy depleter. When I am like that I still put a smile on my face but I´m only half way there. Even with friends I love dearly {like those on the pic}.


Anonymous said...

I think many of us can relate to being our own energy zappers. Make time for you! so that you can fully enjoy the gifts of those beautiful friends/family in your life! {{that was meant to be a gentle nudge but the "!" make it look much more harsh) ;)

Genie Sea said...

I think that which we identify as the energy zapper in us, really isn't us, it's the voices that we digested growing up. All the negative things that were carelessly told to us. I mean, how many times to we say "no" to little ones? We are trying to protect them, but a collection of "nos" can add up.

Take yourself off the hook for that one. :)

I have had to do that for myself too. Anytime I hear a voice saying I can't do something, or am not good at something, I realized, it's not my voice.

Tracey said...

I must admit I would struggle to do it with love when washing the car too lol XXX

Anonymous said...

Hey, funny. Washing the car is one of the things on my TO DO list for today. So far I've managed to procrastinate it. LOL. :)


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