Monday, November 10, 2008

AEDM Day 10 / SC Day 9

Art Every Day Month Day 10:
spent the day working on my art journal.
But I feel as I am cheating because I´m so behind I´m not working on today´s page but on the 2nd to today pages at the same time. I found images for air but then felt it was not right. I needed water images. But the air images kept coming up. *sigh*

SC Day 9: water week

I felt sleepy all day. That´s what happens when I´m afraid / procastinating / resisting.
I wanted the AHA moment but it never came.
I´m doing my best not to quit.
Would you please give me a {gentle} push in the right direction?


Genie Sea said...

Consider yourself nudged! :)

It's okay to rest and regroup, we will be here so will the journey!

Sending invigorating energy! Zoom! :)

Leila Anasazi said...

Hey. I'm ending up skipping all over the sequence, too. Traveling on some days that kept me from clearing clutter at home. Encountering big moments of water when it's air week. A couple of days when even the level one exercises were too big.

Please do keep at it, even in the face of the resistance and judgment.

Anonymous said...

It is all as it should be. Your path is unfolding just as it should for you. There is no pressure at all here. Go at your own pace, we are here for you!!

chest of drawers said...

Can you feel me pushing you in the direction of those magazine pictures? Make a collage, go for a walk, take a bath...that´s what I do when I´m stuck.

Jamie said...

This is a hug and a nudge :)

You've got great awareness, recognizing when your own particular brand of resistance shows up. Resistance is part of the process too. It lets you know that something's stirring.

Melissa said...

You've received lots of great nudges. I second them all! Sometimes 'things' arrive when they're supposed to and not when we'd like them. Grrrr...but a tiny, gentle wave is as important as the big, crashing one.

Thanks for coming by my blog and for your Faerie Squarie love. I truly appreciate it. :)

~Faerie dust is a must~


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