Thursday, November 13, 2008

AEDM Day 13 / SC Day 12: when things start to happen

AEDM Day 13: been playing with paper cuttings. From the 12 days and two titles I finished ... one title. *Paula shrugs and giggles* Picture tomorrow.

Another thing I finished were the inside pages for my birthday book. Guess whose birthday is on February 12th? ;)

SC Day 12:
Level 1: go slower. Easy, "slow" is in my nature. ;)
Level 2: listen to the messages.
I´m reading SC and dh is getting the synchronicities. Uh?
Yesterday the kids saved a baby bird. I didn´t bet it would survive the night but they googled what baby birds ate and fed it (yes, I cooked for a bird). Today we opened the box we had him in (ds was worried he´d be too cold) and left him in the balcony where bird mom could see him (she´d be cheering from the neighbour´s roof yesterday). When dh went to check on him after taking the kids to school ... the baby bird had flown on his own!
Level 3: do nothing. It is not as easy as it sounds. SLOW is one thing. STILL is another.


Caroline said...

I completely understand slow vs. still. Much harder to be still :)

I am so happy the little bird flew off...I bet your kids are ecstatic!

Genie Sea said...

How miraculous! Yesterday you were wondering if finding the dead birds was a message and there you all are saving a bird! WEE! :) Awesomeness!

Kavindra said...

What a wonderful thing to save the baby bird! I can't believe the mother was there watching and waiting for him to come back - how cool is that?

Jamie said...

How wonderful about the bird. That must be a good sign for sure!

Mariella ;) said...

hi! i like your blog is so interesting and you live in buenos aires and write all in english! that awsome!
i live in USA and write all in spanish !
have a wonderful day!

Sacred Suzie said...

I can't think of a cooler thing to do than cook for a lost and lone baby bird. I am so glad that she flew away on her own! Beautiful.


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