Friday, November 14, 2008

AEDM Day 14 / SC Day 13: Finally!

AEDM Day 14: Woooo Hoooooo! For the FIRST time in two weeks, I finished today´s collage ... today. *Grin*
All images are from Elle´s magazine, november issue. Any words you want to know, just ask. I used my round punch to cut images I could relate to.

SC Day 13:
affirmation for today - MY LIFE IS BLESSED, AND I AM SO GRATEFUL
Level 1: in progress :)
Level 2: I wrote my own list and put it in the envelope in the middle of the page. It included people like my loving husband, my great kids, my cool mom and her bunch of funny nutters (aka relatives), and a ton of friends. Sil & Vivi (my bestest friends here), Ching & Wendy who I met in California, Rita who I haven´t met but love anyway, Marja (the most generous lady around), Tracey (super scrapper extraordinaire) and a bunch of SC girlies. The list was looooooong as it included my kids friends as well. :)
Level 3: before listening to Denise I saw myself in the mirror and thought "I look pretty today". It stopped me in my tracks. I´d never thought anything of the kind. *Paula looks around nervously*

To round off: a picture of our home getting ready to be painted


Genie Sea said...

Love your collage! Super special :) YOu have a lovely house, about to get lovelier! And real :)

miss*R said...

oh I love your home! I cannot wait to see it painted :) xo

Serena said...

Great work on the collage, Paula...I liked the idea of an envelope in the middle with your gratitude list inside.

Kudos on the mirror task!

Your home looks lovely and I hope you will share a pic of it when it's painted.

love, light and peace,

Kavindra said...

I too love that you have an envelope in the middle of your collage with a gratitude list. Your joy just comes through in this post - lovely.

peppylady said...

It wonderful we all have a lot to be grateful actual we have more to be thankful then what we don't.

Coffee is on.

Melissa said...

Great collage!

You ARE beautiful. I was just looking at your picture before I came here and I thought, "She's really pretty." You look so happy! I do the same thing with myself too though. I have days I think I look hot and other days I'm like "blah." But whatever. I'm a believer in - Looks ain't everything.

Loving the house. I've always been drawn to that style. The roof rocks!

~Lovely You~

Vicki Holdwick said...

My Spanish is a little rusty. Para tener a mano - literally I think is "for to have a hand".

What is the translation and how far off am I?

As a justification - I had Spanish I in 10th grade (about age 16). I am now 56.

creativehealinggoddess said...

great post and your house is beautiful .....

Beautiful Witch said...

Your house is so interesting to look at. I want to climb up that ladder and explore! I love your collage, especially the placement of the envelope in the middle and the fact that it contains your gratitude list - great idea!

Leah said...

i love all those punched out circles!!

Jamie said...

What a beautiful collage and a lovely home! I'm glad you have so much to celebrate in your gratitude list :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Way to go getting that collage done and OMG, genius use of the hole punch. I must think of getting one now! Of course you're beautiful. It's OK to admit it.

Nicole said...

What a lovely compliment to give yourself! Remember you are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for being honest and sharing what you are grateful for. Blessings, Nicole x

Dia said...

What fun that collage is!! & isn't it funny, when we compliment ourselves, & then realize it!! You ARE lovely!! & your home looks delightful!



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