Friday, November 28, 2008

AEDM Day 28 / SC Day 27: the plan

Let´s go back, let´s say ... 25 years. A quarter of a century ago I was sweet 16, body of a woman, mind of a child, immerse in my sci fi books, best grades in the whole school, with a new boyfriend just because he was the only boy to ask me out. What did I want then?

The traditional plan for a girl:

* a degree (I am a professional librarian, what fun it was to study! The hours went without noticing, different from the first carrear I had chosen Mechanical Engineering <--- the good point about this one was meeting my hubby *grin*)
* a husband (I have the most caring, handsome, smart husband I could wish for)
* a flat / appartment ( I have the three level house I fell in love with with a small garden, all rooms are well lived and have signs of our presence here)
* a child (I have two awesome kids, a boy and a girl - how´s that for traditional family of four. We even have a dog, which I´d never ever thought about)
* visit Europe (we lived in Europe for a couple of years and travelled as much as we could)

And then I wanted to be a succesful writer.

Did you notice I didn´t mention friends? I had one, maybe two more that I kept in touch with for a while. I was not popular, totally low profile, teetotaler, classical clothes, head in books, boring for teens standards. At 18 I was called "sosa", that means without flavour. It tinted my vision of myself further.
Now I have a ton of friends, both local and on line.

My life is beyond my wildest dreams as a teenager.

The plan for the next 25 years.

* See my kids grow up and be there for them.
* Support my hubby in having his own business.
* Participate in my community (that is mainly school stuff nowadays)
* Conect with more interesting people on the net, getting my name "out there"
* Be chosen for a scrapbooking DT
* Get to travel again.
* Be able to buy art from friends


miss*R said...

I love this post Paula and I hope I am thought of as a friend.. albeit a new one.. because I have enjoyed this journey we have shared and look forward to the future keeping in touch..
and also seeing how the house progresses!!

Danette said...

Wishing for your next 25 years to be beyond your wildest dreams as well!


Fatma said...

Your Life sounds wonderful now and in the future. Glad to have had you as a travel companion.

gemma said...

Sending love to you every day in the future and always!

Genie Sea said...

Beyond your wildest dreams abundantly! I am so happy to have met you and hope you count me as one of your online friends :)

misteejay said...

What a lovely post - I wish you well on the journey for your next 25 years.

Toni :o)

Jamie said...

How awesome to be able to look back and say - yes, I've lived beyond my wildest dreams!! May all of your dreams come true and several joyful gifts from the Universe too!

Jamie said...

By the way, I see nothing sosa about you!


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