Saturday, November 29, 2008

AEDM Day 29 / SC Day 28: summer is coming

We both had our hair cut. :)

SC Day 28 The last one!
affirmation for today -I give love deeply and fully. I receivelove deeply and fully.
Today was a busy day and I´m writing this quite late. Just when I was about to write about the circle of love, what did I hear? This:
Cause we are sisters
We stand together
We make up one big family though we don't look the same
Our spots are different
Different colors
We make each other stronger
That ain't ever gonna change
We're cheetah girls cheetah sisters
Cool message. ;)

P:S: the pictures up there are Tatiana´s new hair style and the lyrics are from the Disney´s "Cheetah Girls" movie. :)


Nicole said...

Yes definitely a cool message Paula! It was a blessing to share this journey with you. Thank you! Blessings to you, Nicole x

peppylady said...

Best wishes and a blessing for you and yours.

As always the coffee is on.

Dia said...

sweet message! & fun to get a haircut, isn't it??
The last time I got mine cut, it had been growing out & was cut short (pixie) again - my youngest' grand daugher asked 'why does your hair look like gregory's" (her cousin!) & I told her my hairdresser likes to cut it short . . . pause, . . . "But, do YOU like it, grammie??" here's to women who think for themselves! (even at 3 1/2!)

Kavindra said...

Oh Cheetah sister, how I love your bright multicolored spots.
Thank you for your humor, your sweetness and your support as well. You are one of the especially bright corners of my blog world and I will be around seeking out your shinyness.
(Who who who would ever say you were "without flavor"? I'm still catching up on the last few days posts, and I just gasped at the blatant falseness of that! You are cheetah flavored! And very sweet to boot.
Sending love way down south to you.

Serena said...

A perfect message to end the day, Paula. Thank you for being such a positive influence in my soul journey.

love, light and peace,

Genie Sea said...

As usual, I have a big huge grin on my face after reading your post. You know I'm addicted to your blog, right? :)I'll be popping in again and again :)

I love the swooping line of the haircut! I'm definitely renting Cheetah Girls even though I don't have children. :)

todayandeveryday said...

You have such a lightness about you and it reflects in your posts. Thank you for being a source of refreshment and for sharing all of your warmth and heart with us!

miss*R said...

Paula - thanks for being YOU! I am so happy that we have connected and yes, I am going to be visiting quite often xo
enjoy summer! December 1st is here in Australia - a glorious sunny day.. pop over to Inglewood, my other blog... faery land is open for month of December !

Jamie said...

Here's to Cheetah Sisters! Awesome!

Tracey said...

utiful affirmation - TFS and Tatis hair looks stunning XXX


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