Tuesday, November 04, 2008

AEDM Day 4 / SC Day 3: commitments and crafts

Another combined post. Love the multi-purpose stuff, lol!

My craftiness for today was to mark the windows for a gazillion Advent Calendars.

I used Tati´s ruler and sharpener, a festival of pinkness. :D

All those calendars are for Tati´s first communion class. I showed up and sat with another four moms and chatted and crafted. That was my: * build stronger local relationships commitment for the day (day 1) and by * showing you the picture I´m honoring the posting commitment (day 2).

The exercise for today is decluttering. I did a lot of that when we moved the rooms around. Now I´m holding tight to the little clutter I have. Why is that?


Genie Sea said...

Some clutter isn't clutter. It's important stuff! :)

misteejay said...

Still busy I see

Toni :o)

carin.c said...

IT's great that you can build your local relationships through crafts. Ineed to do more of that myself - thanks for the reminder. Clutter is some sort of strange safety net, don't you think?

MJ said...

Hi hun
Thank you so much for your kind words, we are still all in bits with a hugh part of our life missing but we are holding on.

Mj xx


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