Thursday, November 06, 2008

AEDM Day 6/ SC Day 5: plays

My AEDM activity for today will be crafting costume pieces and photography. :)

I had to go to school at 8am to watch Tati perform as a cat in a fable (is that a real word or did I just make it up? A story with talking animals ) No costume for her, just a cat face that she drew herself and I glued on a cardboard with a brochette stick. It was all done in her classroom as part of the Literature week. There were many activities for the kids and the parents could go today to watch plays.

I have to go back at 8pm to see Mati perform as a Roman emperor. I´m lucky my mil made his tunic out of red curtain fabric and gold gallons. Now I have to come up with a golden crown.

Sc Day 5:

Ermmmmmm ... no. Although I admit that having to get up and shower at 6am (dh is away on a business trip so I have to get the kids to school) gives a spring to my step. :)

Going to the kids school plays reminded me of my commitment to have stronger bonds with local friends. Instead of going back to my car and waiting till 8am (kids go in at 7.30am) I stayed at the school doors and chatted, helping a new mom with all the other moms names/kids. :)


Anonymous said...

Paula, I wonder if you found that fresh energy of interacting with that new mom invigorating? I'll bet she did!

Genie Sea said...

Fables do exist :)Spending the day witnessing and participating in your children's creativity is magical! :)

Jamie said...

I love that picture. My love of theatre started when I was a little girl and loved fables told like that!

Tracey said...

What a cool way to add fun to literature - how did the crown-making go ? - have a fantastic weekend XXX


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