Friday, November 07, 2008

AEDM Day 7 / SC Day 6

No art for today *blush*. I´m owning up. But here´s a picof the finished crown. :)

Today went in a whirl, small (in fact very small) amounts of decluttering, the usual vist to my mom´s and then Quantum Solace.

Warning: proud mom moment ahead. :lol:

We went to see Mati´s play yesterday evening. It started with their Literature teacher reading what she considered the three best short stories produced in Year 7 (that´s three classes, adding up about 90 kids) The first place was for Matias! :D

The kids made a fabulous effort, great costumes, they all knew their lines and gave their all on stage. They really looked as if they were having fun (it was summary of the key historical things they studied this year with fun remarks and contemporary music that had some connection to the scenes) I took a hundred pics. :D

SC Day 6:

affirmation for today - I AM SAFE AND CENTRED NO MATTER WHERE I AM

End of week one. By now the emotions are running high. Some are soaring, some are bewildered and confused. Before you ask ... I´m in the second group. ;)
Miss*r posted that she was sick and tired of being careful with what she thought in case she attracted something bad. You and me both sister! :D

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Tracey said...

wow proud mum moment indeed, congrats to Mati - that is fantastic, have a great weekend hon XXX


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