Friday, December 19, 2008

Advent calendar day 19: paradox

From Tati´s Bible class calendar: I avoid saying "I don´t like it"

The paradox is that "I don´t like it"!

I understand this must have been aimed at picky eaters or school haters but I believe in giving my kids a right to choice within limits. Clear security and ethic limits, with proper explanations on why their choice is not viable and suggestions of other options. 
A glimpse of Christmas in Buenos Aires. Friday 11pm at Alto Palermo shopping, which is a couple of blocks away from my mom´s home and I know since it was a hole in the ground, lol. 

1 comment:

Genie Sea said...

Alto Palermo looks like Eaton's Center here. A place I would not go into right now if they paid me :)


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