Saturday, December 20, 2008

Advent calendar day 20: Christmas is near

From Tati´s Bible class advent calendar: I pray the kid´s rosary (which is only one round of 10 Ave María and one Padre nuestro ).

And now what Missy has been waiting for (I know she has, she left me a message on my comments section ;) ) ... our T shirt
 picture with Santa. {This is a pic of the pic, only not to keep Missy waiting any longer, better version

is quite close to our home, about 20 minutes drive. They decorated it with a teddy bear theme this year.  Very sweet.

After the picture and a bit of shopping we went to a nativity play where a couple of dd´s little friends acted. There was a lady that sang, a choir and a metal group (tuba and other things that I don´t know in English :D ). 


Missy said...

You know looking at those t-shirt santa pictures never gets old Paula. I love it!!! Your son looks like he is getting so tall!!! WOW. Thanks so much for sharing Paula.

Kavindra said...

Thanks to Missy for requesting the pics! That is so adorable.

Genie Sea said...

I come here to make my heart sing, and that's exactly what it is doing :)

Susan Wright said...

Your children are simply growing in leaps and bounds. I too look forward to this picture each year. Thanks for posting it for us.


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