Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Advent calendar Day 2 / Air week revisited

From Tati´s calendar: "answer immediately when called". It worked for a few hours with Matu, then the video games were stronger. *rolleyes* Tati did fine.

As I had not discovered Denise´s audios before week 3, I decided to do the first two weeks again. That took me to complete the collages that weren´t finished from Day 1 and 2. I looked for more images and re arranged what I had.
Thanks Claudia for the inspiration to do the collages.
Summary: Day 1 was an assesment of where we were (hence the arrow with my name pointing to BA) and where we wanted to go (everywhere!). Day 2: was a list of values (I used words of things that I want to focus on). Funny anecdote: I was telling my mom about the exercise: a list of what is more precious to us, our core values and my daughter (9 years old) exclaimed "Your children!" She is right of course and I´m so glad she feels it that way too. :)


Genie Sea said...

LOL! There is nothing like children to remind of us of what's truly important :)

Love your collage :)

Dia said...

I need to revisit the first few weeks myself, since I joined first, & got the book mid-way thru!
I have made Advent calendars for my kids - several modeled on those of Tasha Tudor (a doll house & a tree with animals peeking out of each door) watercolour.

love your map & 'we are here' :)

Caroline said...

Love it! Kids are so smart :)

Serena said...

Wonderful collages, Paula! I had to giggle because your daughter sounds just like mine and Michelle is 23.


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