Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Advent calendar day 3: declutter

From Tati´s Bible class calendar:

Day 3: Don´t say "bad" words. (Aka: don´t curse, which my kids never do in front of me, but I have heard ds with a friend. Man, he sounded like a drunk sailor! Lol! )

SC day 3 revisited: collage page for declutter--> Space (and lots of "white space" on the page with me as a not-so-happy-bunny-yet ;) )


Genie Sea said...

She might not be a not-so-happy bunny yet, but she is incredibly cute :)

It's always a shock hearing the kids we raise swear. I guess it's a stage in growing up. When I'm pissed, I swear like a trucker, so I can't be hypocritical about it all. It doesn't stop me from being taken aback when I hear those words from young mouths. LOL!

Tracey said...

Cute page and I love the messages on the advent calendar, what a cool thing to be doing XXX


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