Monday, December 08, 2008

Advent calendar day 8: deck the halls

From Tati´s Bible class calendar: help put the tree up

Traditionally all the homes that celebrate Christmas put their decorations up on Virgin Mary´s day. That is today, December the 8th. Trees are the main feature and you buy a new ornament for it every year. Of course you can buy two or a dozen. ;)

We have streamlined the decorations along the years. Now the focus is in the reception, with a few well loved ornaments in the kitchen and some around the living room plus tiny trees for the kids rooms. Tiny as in 15 cm. :D

The decorations are taken down on the twelveth day of Christmas (january 6th) when the Three Wise Men come and leave presents for the kids (and the young at heart ;) ) like they did for baby Jesus so many years ago. :)


Kavindra said...

I love doing advent with you. Even tho I am not technically catholic any more I love advent and the true meaning behind the hoopla.
And your family is beautiful, you all outshine even that tree!

misteejay said...

Wow, what a fab picture - makes a wonderful blog header.

Toni :o)

Jamie said...

How beautiful! I loved coming here and seeing all your smiling faces shining! It's so welcoming.

That's so interesting around the tradition of decorating on December 8th. We always decorated after my birthday, which was yesterday. Thanks so much for coming by and sending such wonderful wishes!


Dia said...

What a beautiful family!! The little stairs behind you made me do a double take - almost looks like a harp :)

I love advent! SWeet to celebrate the light as days get darker.

Sacred Suzie said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I really wanted to put up our Yule tree now. Yours is beautiful!

Genie Sea said...

Lovely family picture under the tree. Christmas at your house sounds dreamy. I love that the kids have their own trees. There is nothing more magical than falling asleep under the Christmas tree lights :)


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