Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Advent calendar day 9: progress

From Tati´s Bible class calendar: pick my toys up.

We´ve been cleaning the toys section for a few days now. Both kids are going through each drawer and basket choosing what they want to keep, what they want to give away and what needs to be disposed of. They still play with many of their old toys and each thing needed to find its home (specially dd´s stuff which is usually all over the place).

It´s taking a while because they start playing with the toys, which is ok for me as I love to hear them laugh together. :)

A picture of the house, to keep track of the painting progress. This is the back of the house. On teh left you may see the laundry room / tool shed. The window is the kitchen and the other window under the balcony is the reception. On the first floor: window is Mati´s room and the balcony belongs to the bathroom (no, I have no idea why they considered it a good idea to put a balcony in the bathroom, lol).

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misteejay said...

My Mum always got us to sort through our toys before Christmas - I never wanted to get rid of any LOL

Toni :o)


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