Thursday, December 11, 2008

Advent calendar day 11: getting ready

From Tati´s Bible class calendar: pray the night prayer with faith.

Tati is more of the praying kind than I am. She asks for help or for thing to go her way. Mostly it works so she keeps praying. Good for her. :)

We don´t have a night time prayer routine. I´m sure she´ll incorporate it at least just for today, to keep up with the calendar.

More about advent time:
We started with the Christmas shopping this morning. The only down side of big families is the amount of thinking this shopping requires. The balancing act between sisters in law and now their kids too.

You need to tread carefully because they tend to open their presents while keeping an eye on the others, lol! E.g: I usually buy the same stuff in different colours for the three. One year it was purses, another necklaces and earrings, this year T-shirts. It´s one of dh´s cousins and her two sisters in law.

I find it easier to buy for women than for men. What do men need / want? Any suggestions?

House update, quoting myself from what I told my team mate Bren on UKScrappers:

We are on the last round of paint at the back and then the details. The light inside the house is so different now, gold streams of sunshine. :D That being said, the workers made a complete mess of the terrace yesterday. First they forgot about not touching the alarm system and I had the patrol car at my door, and then moving some water pipes and inundating the patio.


Genie Sea said...

From my experience men like anything that's a gadget, a tool, or new technology or all of the above. :)

Kavindra said...

What a wonderful little girl you have there.

That's too funny about people opening gifts while keeping an eye on each other!

My sweet niece gives me the same scarf every year for every possible occasion. At least in different colors! She must have got them super cheap when she was living overseas and is saving them all these years. I love it, only I have to remember NOT to wear one of them when she might be giving me the next one - that would be awkward.


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