Saturday, December 13, 2008

I´ve been watching movies with Tati again

Everyone has got a secret side
*a winding path up to a door thats open wide*
You think you know me
But I’m changing all the time
Cause if I wanna be sweet, if I wanna be wild
If I wanna cry like a child
If I pick up the world, it’s a ball in my hand
I guess that’s just who I am
This is me, can’t ignore it
Reaching out, breaking free
Constantly, falling forward
Yeah, I’m just going for it
This is me
Sometimes life is a confusing thing
When I talk it seems like no one’s listening
Try to be an angel, but I just can’t find my wings
If I wanna be sweet, but I wanna be wild
And I wanna try my own style
So I’ll make a mistake, and I’ll do it again
But I’ll do it the best that I can
More than what you see
Finding out who I can be
This is me, can’t ignore it
Breaking free
Falling forward
Yeah, I’m just going for it
This is me!

From The Barbie diaries


Kavindra said...

Hysterical and wise at the same time. Oh the things we can learn from Barbie!

Genie Sea said...

LOL! Cute :) I have given you what you give to me every time I visit your blog. The Tree of Happiness. Check it out :)


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