Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kirsty wrote:
"Now we are home and the tree is doing my head in. Im christmassed out but then again I don't think I ever felt like I was Chistmassed in. Im going to take it down today and get back to the daily routine of running round like a headless chicken with odds and ends galore."

I could have written that. Glad she did, I only needed to copy and paste. ;)

I took the kitchen, living room and shelves ornaments down. I will be taking the mantel piece stuff on the New Year. The tree will stay till they 12th night as tradition goes.

Still looking for my word for 2009.


misteejay said...

My decs stay until 12th night, normally, but I've found myself looking at them and wondering if I should make a start...LOL...I just wish we had more reasons to decorate throughout the year as it seems such a long time to wait until next December.

Toni :o)

miss*R said...

Paula, wishing you a truly blessed 2009 xo

Genie Sea said...

Happy New Year Paula! May blessings become your constant companions. :)


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