Monday, January 19, 2009

Making a splash!

The waters of the Gulf are calm.
Ds lent me his "Sharkie" and dd is using her "Delfi". Do we dare making a splash?
Yes, we do!!!
The Colonel surpervises the Sigfrid and Maginot lines against the tide.


Tracey said...

OMG what an idyllic place, wish I was there lol XXX

Rowena said...

Ah, summer. How lovely. Talk about rhythms of creativity... I think the seasons affect our flow. We're in the middle of winter now, and it's dark and cold.

Of course, I am in Florida, so it is not as cold as the rest of the US, but it's still cold. They're expecting a freeze tonight, which can be bad for all the crops. If it were warmer and lighter, I might not be feeling the sluggishness of winter.

Nancy said...

I want to be with you, I need the ocean and the sand. Looks like the family is having a great time.

Genie Sea said...

Oh such FUN! This is the perfect antidote to what's going on outside my window. :)

Serena said...

OH, what fun!!!


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