Sunday, January 18, 2009

Summer reading

In chronological order of birth:
Paula (yes, I´m four months older than dh): Nora Roberts "Black rose" from the garden trilogy. If you´ve read any of Robert´s trilogies this one will be predictable but no less enjoyable. You will find the naïve, the tomboy and the smart one with their "everything you may wish for in a man" men. ;)
Daniel: Joe Vitale´s "Attractor factor". This is in fact one of my books and he decided to read it yesterday at dinner after we talked about it. Knowing how he doesn´t trust / like / believe in this type of books, it is a biggie.
Matias: Lorraine Colvill Jones´ "Your son that loves you" (This was a traditional way to end letters, something like "with kind regards") He chose it yesterday at the book shop. It is a collection ofletters from a pilot in the WWI  to his family in Argentina. Ds is a history buff, specially military history and even better in the WWII.
Tatiana: Nelly Bustamante´s "The legend of the penguin" Mrs. Bustamante lives in Trelew, near Punta Tombo, the biggest penguin colony in the world with a bit over half a million penguins. It´s the legend of how the penguins became water birds instead of teh air birds they were and then some facts about those animals presented in a very interesting way. Ok, I admit that knowing the passion of dd for animals I pushed this book a tiny bit. ;) 

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Genie Sea said...

Awesome list. Your kids are so intellectually curious, it's wonderful! And yay for dh expanding his horizons :)


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