Saturday, January 17, 2009

Secret # 2: Honouring your inspirations

1. When did your creative awakening or reawakening occur?
I´m still waiting for it. My new point is I have to make it happen instead of only waiting for it to just show up.
2. What talents do you have naturally?
I can teach because I can take a subject apart, show you the parts, name them, ensamble them again and demonstrate how they articulate.
I inherited my father´s ability to understand a situation´s dynamic within a few minutes and my mother´s empathy.3. Which elements draw you toward them?
In my childhood and early adulthood it was the colour blue and the element air, nowadays it is the coloutr green and the water.
4. Where and when do you create? 
The attic is my craft room but sometimes I feel isolated up there and 
I bring my stuff down, specially  to the kitchen table while the kids are doing homework there (notice the trend?They don´t use their desks either)
5. What activates your creative energy and what drains it?
I wish I had some kind of poetic answer but the honest truth is that I don´t
 know: sometimes I jump up and down and create up a storm, sometimes I feel sad and "nothing is worth much"
6.Do you use creative rituals?
Not to begin with but I´m almost compulsive in the rearrenging of the things on my desk/active shelf (that´s where I put the things that I will be
 using that can´t fit on the desk)
7. Does nature influence your creativity? How?
Not really.
8. What has been your greatest creative hurdle so far?
Thinking what will become of my creations once I´m gone. Will my kids keep my scrapbook pages? They might keep
 their own albums, maybe parts of the family albums (specially the oldest pics dating back to ca.1910) but the rest? What will happen to my flower album? And the home album? What about the Christmas album? Why do I keep creating pages that won´t be kept?
9.What time of day are y
ou most receptive to inspiration?
I´m a night owl. 

This post contains the word page for 2009. The white space is left for my chosen word. I will be changing it as the original "awarenes" made me so sharply clear on what was happening that 
it was driving me crazy. 

This one is the page for January.


Genie Sea said...

Delightful collages! I smiled when I read about you and your kids sitting together at the kitchen table. Sounds like a lovely ritual to be. Sharing your creative and intellectual endeavors! Completely heartwarming. But this is what I have come to expect of you and your blog :)

Kavindra said...

Oh Paula, I love that you decided to change your word and why. Funny and self aware too.

I relate so to the answer to #5. SOmetimes one is on fire, sometimes one is not. I hope this book/group helps me identify how to light that fire instead of waiting for Prometheus every day. Just like you say to question 1. Wise.

Lisa said...

I love the honesty of your answers. I sometimes have trouble defining myself, my rituals, my inspiration and it stops me from addressing the questions. I don't know is a perfectly valid answer. Thanks for reminding us.

Dia said...

Oh, what you said about teaching - wow~! So good. I'm good at that, too, you phrased it so succinctly & elegantly!
Also enjoyed your comment about working on the kitchen table - Last night I had a project (beeswax collage) & was heating the wax in a double boiler (frying pan with little stainless steel pan in it!) & decided to work on the oven door!!
The oven light added extra light, I put down a piece of cardboard as a work surface, & there were close plug ins for the tiny iron & blow dryer!! (see creationstation blog for basics of this craft) . . .

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

wow... that is a hurdle. I hope that my son will want to keep some things, or maybe grandchildren? never thought about that one! maybe I'll leave instructions for it to be donated somehwere... but where?! thank you for sharing!

chest of drawers said...

So wonderful to see you collaging!
Please send me your postal address to : "" so I can finally get your collage mobile on it´s way.

Jamie Ridler said...

I loved reading about your creative ways :) Thinking about you and your family sitting at the kitchen table working/creating together is so wonderful and reminds me that I grew up with us all doing that at the dining room table!

And thanks for coming by and sharing such warm thoughts. I really appreciate it :)

Sacred Suzie said...

A lot of fabulous energy is up there on your collages! Very cool and funky energy.

It sounds like you are more an extrovert, that you get energy from being surrounded by others, including creative energy. How interesting!

Serena said...

Your collages are lovely, Paula!

I like when Aaron comes into the studio and works at the adjoining table. LOVE the feeling of togetherness. :)


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