Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Big sync

This is a quote from the message I sent Marja today: 

I was asked twice this week if I had scrapped lately and as I checked my layouts I saw that I had finished some art journal but the last real page was from late November. *faint* 

This morning I thought "This is it" I need to get scrapping again. It would be so nice for Marja´s parcel to turn up today. I even imagined the scene of the post van (not much to think about while you are shampooing your hair, lol) and you must have guessed by now ... the bell rang right as I finished getting dressed. 

I can finally finish Christmas 2007 thanks to the papers she sent! No, it wasn´t a typo ... 2007 was not complete.  The crate papers are perfect for my teen.  The rub on alphas are very useful and the MM icons are the cooooooooooolest ever! I will put all the other bits and pieces to good use too. 

She is a very generous and thoughtful lady who is always helping people who like me have no access to scrapbooking stuff. Thanks Marja!
Btw, in case you were wondering, the parcel was sent on November 20th 2008


miss*R said...

have fun scrapping! it is so very soothing to sit and snip away :)

Marja said...

I am so relieved it finally arrived!! Amazing how sometimes things get there so fast via surface mail, other times it takes ages, and it's no different with airmail too! I'll have to start another box of goodies to send to you again this Spring some time! Glad you are happy with what was in the box, I can't even remember what's in there anymore, lol!!!

Happy scrapping!

Nancy said...

Paula I won't even tell when the last time I did a page. I need to get back into it. I have so many photos and product that is calling my name.


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