Monday, February 23, 2009

No matter where we’re going, it starts from where we are.

Who would have said those wise words come from ... High School Musical 2? Lol!
We watched a fun fact version of the film on Sunday which was ...ermmmm ... fun. ;) :D

I´ve been kind of MIA these days. Life is full. Good kind of full. Kids go back to school next week and we are getting ready for Monday. That includes buying uniforms and school stuff plus labelling everrrrrrrrrythiiiiiiiiing. 

I am not big on decorating food or rooms, as I don´t have the ability or the inclination to learn to do so but I found The Hyper Homemaker´s blog a good source of building up routines and organization / cleaning tips. 

I liked her approach. This is a quote from the blog:

"And am I upset because I didn't got my cleaning done? Of course not! One thing you have to remember most of all. Regardless of your cleaning schedules, the company you have coming, and the tackles you have planned:

You don't live your life to clean, you clean so you can live your life. 

And as long as you remember that, you won't be too hard on yourself and you will be able to find a good balance of enjoying a clean space and living the rest of your life."

Why am I talking about this? Because I took all the kids´s school related magazines and reordered them by subject. That way they have everything on each special date together (independence day, flag creator, national heroes, America´s discovery, etc) and of course all animals / plants / human body & etc. I did the same with books. Plus sorted all the magazines and took some away to keep as a souvenir or donate. Tidy shelf picture tomorrow. :)

I will sort the archive cupboard as well. That will take a couple of days, maybe three as I will change the system. It eveolves with us as a family. Our needs / interests change with time and so do our living qaurters.


misteejay said...

Doesn't time fly....

You are far too organised Paula LOL I am at work but home seems to be very take it as it comes.

Toni :o)

Genie Sea said...

Busy busy Paula :)


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