Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We are ready for take off!

Here are the pics from Tati´s room. Gaturro books (a local cat cartoon she is a real fan of) and iPod dogs (McDonalds way simpler version ;) ) on the top left. Craft stuff on the top right. Books are bottom left. All the magazines and info for school homeworks, bottom right.
A close up of the cute McDonalds´ toys. The green is my favourite. ;) I took most of the baby / toddler books away. Some for keeping at a safe "mom´s memories place" and some to give to charity.
Backpacks are ready! Ermmmmmm, you think, but you have TWO kids ... why FIVE backpacks. :D The purple and pink super duper extra special wheelie one is Tati´s backpack for school. The "oh, I´m such a cool dude" brown & black is Mati´s backpack for school. Then a low profile black & red one for Mati´s swimming classes and a "I´m a girlie verging on my double figure age" Muaa backpack for Tati´s swimming classes. And the old and battered purple one for Tati´s Bible classes (last year! Yay!)
Dan brought me flowers yesterday. *grin* 
And BTW, Toni brought to my attention this: ... only 303 days to Christmas day! Lol! 


misteejay said...

I do try to be helpful LOL

What a beautiful rose...and I still say you are faaaaaaar too organised LOL LOL

Toni :o)

Genie Sea said...

Paula. I don't know how you do it woman. They need to bottle your energy and sell it. :) I know I could use some :) Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I'm glad you accepted my challenge. I pray many will!


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