Friday, February 27, 2009

I´m having too much fun :D

Well, may be not. You can´t have "too much" fun but ... you get the idea. :D

On Thursday we had a double play date. Just like the previous Thursday, we invited a young friend (last week Mati´s, this week Tati´s) and the mom is my friend. Double fun.

Only this time we were chatting, catching up and eating cake (Sabine is a superb cook) so I totally forgot about the picture I was going to take! That for a Happysnappy is very, very strange. 

I had plans for pics with the girls, for pics with the mom, for ... but cake won. Lol! Cake and visual board talk indeed. I told her about the blogs I visit, the wish cast Wednesdays and the Full Moon boards. She left with Julia Cameron´s "The artist´s way" in her bag. *grin*

Then on Friday Jamie lead us through Chapter #8 of "The 12 secrets of highly creative women". This time we have to choose who you want to connect with, to be amidst, to partner with. 

I realized that since my birthday two weeks ago I had met my three best friends:

Viviana, the action woman, with her natural grace and elegance and her "let´s get this done NOW" attitude. 
Griselda, the wise woman, with her vast knowledge and her "this is cool, let´s investigate some more" attitude.
Sabine, the gentle woman, with her huge crafting talent and her peaceful attitude. 

We have a lot in common (specially the organized minds) and we feel comfortable together. We have a lot that is different. I have learnt from the three of them.

I´m more active thanks to Vivi, when I start to procastinate I tell myself "Behave like Vivi" and gain speed. I want to be like her when I grow up. :D {I´m some 6 years older than her}
I look deeper into things thanks to Griselda. I stand my ground academically. She knows how to lead a class. I want to have her presence.
I want to paint like Bine, I dab into different crafts and keep trying. On the other hand, I´m the one who encourages her to actually do things.

Some other things the history expert and his aides (that´s his sister and me) have been doing:


Fatma said...

How blessed to have 3 beautiful best friends.

Keep having too much fun. It always come through in your blog and spreads to us.

Jamie said...

How wonderful! New friends sounds like an awesome birthday gift :) It looks like the next year is going to be a good one!


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