Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fouth of the fourth

The fourth file is a day trip to San Isidro in April 2007. 

66 pictures. I´m in only in 2 of them. Better than last time that I was in none of them!

There are many awards, challenges, tags, memes and quizzes wandering around the web. A good friend sent me a fun one:  find the 6th picture in the 6th file, post it and write something about it. 

For somebody whose blog is called Happysnappy because of the huge amount of pictures she takes, finding the right picture was way easy. Of course I also had to had a look at alllllllllll the pictures in that file, that´s what Happysnappys do.

The file was filled with pictures of a day trip to a local port. Pictures of the kids linking arms and grinning to the camera. So sweet and fun. Pictures of my daughter. I remember the shirt she was wearing. It was the only time that my  aunt O. got her size right. This is the same aunt that left a "Happy 6th birthday!" message the day my daughter was 9. Laugh. Pictures of my son, with his face still having that childhood chubiness that can only be found in pictures now. Nowadays he is all limbs and lean features, a week from entering his teen years.  Pictures of hubby with his golden boy looks that deserve comments like "tasty" from my friends when I post his pic. Grin. And the port. What a beautiful place! Full of colours, pictures of ships with logs, pictures of the local market and its goods, pictures of fruits and handmade stuff.

I counted the pictures: one, two ... sixteen, ... twenty three ... thirty ... I stopped and looked at them from the beginning again. Kids looking cute, husband looking cute, places, things ... Do you notice what´s missing? ME! 

What was I wearing? Which were my colours that year? Was I in one of my long hair cycles or had I chopped it off? Was I wearing my glasses? Which were my favourite earrings? What did I look like? How will my daughter know if she looks like me at her age if there are no pictures of me? How will my grandkids know if we had the same hair do / smile / way of leaning our heads to the right while we listen? It´s time to get myself in the picture.

It´s time to get yourself in the picture.

Either au naturel (take it as far as you like. *wink* ) or with make up and high heel shoes. Casual or with your best frock. Smiling to future generations or showing your sorrow.  Organize a photo session right away. Get your camera. Grab a friend. Take pics of each other. Set the auto and make silly faces. By the third pic you will be laughing so much you´ll be having a great time with the bonus of the smiles for posterity and a fun picture for your office board. Now grab your pet and do the same. Except if you have fish. In that case just stand in front of the bowl or pond. Any kids around? Involve them in your experiment too. Write signs and send yourself messages to your future self. Or a love message to your significant other.  Or a "I love you mom" sign in front of you and send it by e-mail. Because she loves pictures of her little ones (even if I´m over 40 I´m my moms girl).

Go now. Get a picture of you. Post a picture of you if you like. Leave me a link in the comments section. I want to see you in the picture.  :)

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Serena said...

Paula, you might like to set yourself a self portrait challenge like I did.....take a photo of yourself each week and post it if you want. My reason for doing it was to get over my own insecurities and learn to love the way I look.

This is the link to the ones I've done so far for this year -

I know what you mean....when the kids were little, I used to take heaps of photos but it kinda fell to the wayside as they got older. Now, we make a point of taking pics a lot...thank heavens for digital cameras!


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