Monday, February 09, 2009

My first Full Moon Dreamboard

Jamie explained the Full Moon Dreamboards at the beginning of 2009 and although I made a January page, it was not really based on this but a general board thing so this is my first real Full Moon Board.

What do I want to manifest this month? Ok, let´s see ...

I was drawn to the girl image as it reminded me of my younger self: long, braided hair, comfy soft boots, colourful poncho and sunflowers. At least that is the image I had of myself! :D

The words: Argentina, February, Aquarius and 12 are all auto referential. Linked to them are the words chocolate and regalo (gift) *wink* You could say this is a Wish cast even if it´s only Monday. Roflol!

Possible ideas, a good signal, feeling good are all things I want to manifest soon. On line and "there is so much more than you know" are already present.

I chose the swim suit image not because of the suit itself but because I started exercising and eating less and somewhat healthier (I cook healthy food and then ruin it with cookies for snacks *rolleyes*) I´m not going to be that thin, it is just the tone and elegance of movement that I´m looking for.

I found a full moon with a number 9, cool!

First I chose an image of a woman with a laptop, cell phone and diary for February. Then I looked at it again and chose the other half of the same picture: her feet up, surrounded by artsy postcards and coffee table books. What a change! I put the first half of the picture on the reverse of this page, with a sign saying "Recharging the batteries" {it´s on her face, I don´t want stranger faces showing in my intentions} and another that says "100%". A big green Designing life sign is at the top of that page.

Last but not least a bench. It repeats the orangey/blue combo of the eye shadows. I´m drawn to those colours. Am I telling myself to rest? 


Genie Sea said...

Well thought-out and very lively Dreamboard. :)

Her Speak said...

A beautiful board full of intent! Love it!

Merry Full Moon~*

Jamie Ridler said...

How wonderful! Congratulations on your very first dreamboard! That's so special.

I loved reading your thoughts on each image and exploring your intentions with you this month. I love the switcheroo in terms of the cell phone/feet up pick, hehe.

Enjoy manifesting February :)

misteejay said...

So interesting Paula - it is obvious a lot of thought has gone into this

Toni :o)

Anonymous said...

May your month be full of relaxation and new ideas! The phrase that came to me from the images was "hip chick"!

Anonymous said...

What a cool project. I can already see these things coming your way.

Brandi said...

oh, I love the girl too! she's so fun!

welcome to the joy army-so glad you dropped by!


Tally said...

Concerning the body: Elegance of movement - I like that.

Best wished from North Germany to South America

creativehealinggoddess said...

Full of merriment and lovely intent well done on your 'refreshing ' dreamboard.


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