Friday, March 20, 2009


I just posted a comment at Marja´s blog. The verification word was "havpc4" I still need to know WHAT I have my pc for. :D

Mati was given a little story by Julio Cortazar called  "por escrito gallina una" (By written chicken a). It is a very short story,  just a few lines long about a chicken that gets hit in the head by a Cabo Cañaveral rocket with the funniest line ever (Head hit us in the, paf!) and starts a mutation, getting good at literature (not really as all the words as mixed up), and a complete disaster at sports. Of course she says "the world chickens conquer will". Lol!

That prompted me to look for my old book and show it to Mati. He found an old bus ticket in it that lead us to stories about my twenties. I remembered myself. I found that part of myself again. The writer. The dreamer.

Today I found an article: Reclaiming the parts you loved. 

I used to like myself.  ;)

This week at the 12 secrets reading tribe we are guided to substract our serenity stealers. One of the suggestions is about toxic people. Some names sprung to mind. And then I found this quote at For the little one inside (I found it by bog hopping)

Whenever we are judging someone else’s behavior it’s highly likely (maybe even a sure thing) that we are, in this judging process, disowning a part of ourselves. By heaping our negative, negating judgment upon that quality/behavior/aspect of the other person, we are almost always really saying, "I don't act in that unacceptable/disgraceful/ repellent way."

As we stop whenever we find ourselves judging someone and look instead for what in our selves (past or present) we may be trying to separate from, every judging-moment becomes a doorway into acknowledging and embracing more of all of who we are. 

In that case my toxic people really have something of me. That is truly irritating. Because now, instead of just piling up their faults and being grumpy about them, I need to study them and compare them to me and work on my pile of faults. 


Genie Sea said...

I personally think that theory is BS Paula. Sometimes other people's faults are just other people's faults!

You rock :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this reminder of what I learned in 3.5 years of Jungian work. All week I have been triggered by a behaviour of another, and I've been trying to work with it in various ways, but I had forgotten to consider that the behaviour in question is one I am guilty of myself, but do not like to admit is in the shadows of a corner of me. Very good lesson, thank you.

Serena said...

I do believe we are all connected...that we are all part of the same non-physical Source so it stands to reason that, when we judge others, we are in fact judging ourselves too. That said, I also believe that when we come forth into human form, we make individual choices throughout our life paths that can have positive or negative effects on ourselves and those around us. I don't necessarily believe that I have some hidden negative feelings inside to deal with just because I notice someone else acting in a negative way on their own path. It does, however, make me focus on keeping a positive attitude in my own life.

A wonderful and thought-provoking post, Paula!

love, light and peace,

Jamie Ridler said...

You have your PC4 blogging! :)

I loved reading the chicken story! Chickens rule!

It'll be interesting to see what you discover with your toxic people!

Anonymous said...

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Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thanks for your offer but there is no need for that in this blog, as I am the only contributor. :)


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