Monday, March 23, 2009

A year ago

Joy rebel assigment from Brandi´s blog How about we go back in our blogs to exactly one year ago and repost the pic and synopsis of where we were in our lives at that time??? 

It reads: "After all, tis the season to play strip poker with the Universe and win your self a brand new life". It was Easter Sunday and we had made a bunny trail. I was reading the 4 agreements. My house was still white. 

My life hasn´t changed much. March 2009 finds me doing more or less the same things and reading the same kind of stuff, only with better focus on doing and awareness on what´s around me and inside me.

For next year? I want to keep on going. :)


Genie Sea said...

Better focus and awareness is a huge difference! Kudos my Paula! :)

Brandi said...

"I want to keep going"

I think that's an awesome goal!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was reading The Four Agreements about that time, too. Or maybe a little after you did. Which language did you read it in?


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