Friday, March 06, 2009

Show and tell

First, this post was goingto be titled "Closer"

After three long, fun filled summer months I returned to my craft room and started by putting some of last years scraps together. I also threw some away (they were minimal and really didn´t match to anything) and gave some to Tati to which she said "Cool! I needed new scraps fo this years´birthday cards".  She has already made a card. Me? Not yet. Lol! 
But a bookmark and a simple layout are starting to come together.
Later I finished this for dh as he was using a Subway ticket stub as a bookmark. Yes, we do have a box of leather bookmarks. *rolleyes* I hope this very personal one will get him to use a proper bookmark. :D

This morning the post changed it´s name to "Birthday wishes and a sync"
This week I got two birthday cards. The one on the left is by Heather (aka Cutandpaste on scrapbooking boards) and the one on the right by my sweet friend Claire (aka Ginger or MGC~MadGingerClaire~ for friends). How funny is that I get this "Belated wishes" for me on Ginger´s own birthday? :D

And of course I remembered it was Friday today and I have to go to Next Chapter´s site to read  Jamie´s lead. 
"Thoughts on Rejection" could have been a third title but I could have used "List"
I react bad to rejection and haven´t put myself in the position to be rejected lately. Nuff said. ;)
The list Jamie suggested was (and what I did on Friday was ...):

Dance with abandon. I did that when I opend Ginger´s card. I freaked the dog out. Lol!
Write a poem. I sing made up rhymed songs when waking the kids up, does that count?
Scribble. A lot
Play your music and sing along - loud. I sang a duet with Mati to show my mom our favourite song. There is nobody like you by Calle 13. Watch it here
Buy a colouring book. Not yet
Get some Playdoh. Sorry hun, I don´t like that stuff. I owe you this one
Go on a photo adventure.  I´m a Happysnappy! I´m always on a photo adventure *grin*
Read a sonnet out loud to your honey. Uh. Will I dare?
Make up a recipe. My style of cooking. I´m an expert on "fridge" sauce. Anything in the fridge goes into the sauce. :D
Call that ally you posted about and make a playdate.  Going to phone them this week. All three of them! yay me.
Write the first sentence. I did. 
Play the piano - badly. No piano at home. Or interest in music instruments for that matter. 
Bead a necklace to celebrate the season. I went window shopping for autumn accesories. :) Last year it was necklaces. This year will be bracelets.
Scrapbook this moment. My first time in the scraproom for the last three months actually scrapping!
Make a card and send it to a new friend. I made a bookmark for my hubbie but he´s an old friend. ;)
Create the most beautiful day you ever had. Working on a beautiful life. One day at a time.

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Fatma said...

I love your take on Jamie's recommendations. Thank you for sharing.

Working on a beautiful life. One day at a time. Sooooooo beautiful!


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