Thursday, March 05, 2009

School news

This week will be all about school. :D

Kids are loving school, they are very happy with this year´s teachers. Tati has gone from two main teachers (one for Spanish, one for German and then all the others for gym, art, music, etc) to six.  From Year 4 they have different teachers for Math, Language and Science. She seems to be handling it well.  Mati´s chemistry teacher started the year with a bang. Literally. That woman knows how to get the teens attention! 

This year I will be sending pack lunches for the kids. I hadn´t realized how much more work it was!  I need to get organized with meals so I can make a bit more for the following day or can cook at the same time as dinner in case dinner isn´t apt for tupperware (like soups or stews).

Learning from previous years mistakes now I´m buying books the same day the teachers ask for them. Of course this method has it downfalls too, like the English book. I went to the store three times on Tuesday: one to book the book (they were coming in the afternoon), one to pick it up but forgot my ticket and one to finally pick it up. Today Mati told me they will finish last years book first ... that means the new book will stay home for a couple of MONTHS! Lol!


Genie Sea said...

Well. You don't have to worry about that book any more! :) hehehe

Anonymous said...

School can be a crazy time for us moms, but also an exciting time! I love to hear about my daughter's day!

Anonymous said...

Please sign the petition for a cure to SMA for a beautiful little girl here:

We Appreciate You Greatly!!

A FiveOh4 Uplifting & The Strong Family

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could start a list of lunches that are easy to throw together and every time you see another good idea, like in a magazine or online, add it to your list and look at the list when you are out of ideas or feeling uninspired. The kids could contribute ideas. Tomorrow is my day to cook up a week's worth of lunches for myself. Sometimes it's hard to get motivated.


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