Monday, May 11, 2009


I participated in The Zen habits survey and I´m keeping my answers for future reference

Q1:Do you have difficulty in deciding what you really want in your life and career? If yes, pls elaborate.
If I´m completely honest ... I want nothing. But that is not politically correct. I "should" want something. Anything, as long as it gets me going and "do" something. Then I search, and I ponder, and I wander and wonder. Which are my strengths and more important what do I like? What do I want to do? That takes me to the second question ...

Q2: In order to better achieve your goals, what important behaviors or characteristics would you like to change and/or improve? (list up to three of the most prominent)
Change: my unwillingness to approach people to offer what I do Improve: how I take rejection. Very badly. Manuals tell you to not take it personally. I do. I really believe it is personal. Most times it is anyway. Improve: my energy.

Q3: What past challenges have you faced in implementing new things you've learned?
I like learning. I love learning. I´m a perpetual student. There is so much to learn I never get to do anything with what I´ve learnt. I´m onto the next thing. I feel sorry for all the authors whose books I´ll never read. So much effort went into those.


Jamie said...

And the questions keep on coming! I've totally lost your email. Can you send it to me. I have your questions ready and will send them as soon as I hear from you.

Thanks, Paula! Looking forward to your answers :)

Kavindra said...

Oh Paula! I love your answer to the first question. I feel the same way, and you're right, it is almost a sacrilege to some folks. What's wrong with contentment anyway?

(I saw this psychic on Oprah who said that easygoing, lack of ambition and drive was a characteristic of being the highest possible "soul level". You and I are ready for the next plane of existence after this lifetime - so there!)


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