Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Are you in a mood for reading?

Hope so, you are in for a long post. *giggle*

I was reading my Blogfeeds and found two posts related to me. Now imagine me wiggling in my chair, feeling all loved up. Btw: the loving up started with Glittery Katie who promised to love me for two weeks just because. [IMG][/IMG]

One was a post by Toni, giving me this cool award.
Toni is an amazing crafter. The things you see in her blog are things that you´d expect to find at a top end stationery shop.
Super neat, elegant, original. To receive an award from a scrapbooker like her is awesome.

The award comes with the usual rules: link back to the persone who sent you the award and pass it forward.
I was also required to share then pieces of information about me and I may display the logo on my side bar.

Talking about love, here´s my info:

1. The first boy I liked was called Federico.
2. We shared the Year 1 class and I changed my football team because of him.
3. The first boy who asked me to be his girlfriend was called Sebastian in Year 3.
4. I truly liked him but said no.
5. He kept pulling my braids until I learnt Judo and threw him on his backside.
6. My then best friend introduced me to my first boyfriend at 16
7. We dated for three years
8. He dumped me for a girl who said yes. ;)
9. Another boy was quicker than dh asking me out at Uni.
10. June 1st was our 22nd anniversary of our first kiss with Daniel

I´m forwarding this award to my scrapping friends:

Kirsty because I scraplift her at least once a week. :D I love her use of details to spice things up.
Tracey because I visit her every day and learn a lot of "how tos".
Talking about details and techniques, check Wendy out. She knows her stuff well and knows how to use it!
Andrea plays with paper and Jo is on a mission to use up all of hers.

Another post was one by Kelly.
I pay attention to what Kelly has to say. She is always a step ahead in the path. I love the books she reads. I look at birds in a different way now (her knowledge about birds is immense). She has the most insightful stories to share.

The rules for this meme are:
Answer the questions on your own blog. Replace one question. Add one question. Tag some people.

1. What are your current obsessions? Yooyuball Championship at Neopets. I want my team to win. First day didn´t look good but I´ll keep doing my part.

2. What are you listening to? Cuarteto de nos "I don´t know what to do with myself"

3. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? I change everyday from head to toe and try not to repeat too often. Yes, I´m lucky, I have a nice wardrobe for a whole week.

4. What are you reading? Do I really have to say this? A romantic novel. Very alpha male falls for shy but intrepid damisele in distress.

5. What’s for lunch? Pasta

6. What was the last thing you bought? PJs for both kids. Tati´s is red with little mouses in pjs and Mati´s is solid blue.

7. Guilty pleasure? My time on the net.

8. Two part question: a) What training did you get and how do you make a living? b) If you could go back in time, knowing what you know now, and choose a different career path, what would you train to do? I´m a librarian by profession and a housewife by trade. Lol! No, I wouldn´t change it. I met dh at my first choice (Engineering). Left that Uni but kept the boyfriend. ;) I had the greatest time studying Librarianship. And I have come to terms with the fact that I have no income as a mom and homemaker.

9. What’s your best time of day? I´m a night owl

10. Do you like being on a team or are you a solo player? I am cool with playing on my own and I rather like doing things by myself to be sure they are done right. ;) Nowwwwwwww, put me in a team and I become the kamikaze ninja you´d never thought I could be. I give my best and rally the rest.

11. What’s your favorite way to create art? Paper, scissors and glue. The Kindergarten style. :D

12. Name three items in your pantry or refrigerator: Pear juice, yogurt & Port Salut cheese

My taggie tags:

Genie, she is insightful and articulated in her speech, plus I like her very much. *grin*

Goddess Leonie, that girl is fun.

Brandi is an inspirational joy leader

I´m interested in what Serena has to say on the other side of the world.


Brandi Reynolds said...

hell yes paper and scissors kindergarten style!

I'm terrible at following through on these things so I just respectfully don't do them (don't want to disappoint). thanks for the tag though!

misteejay said...

Paula, thank you for your lovely comments. Can I just say, it is a joy to drop by your blog and catch up on your life in another part of the world as well as seeing how different things inspire you. Thank you for being there.

Toni :o)

Unknown said...

Oh wonderful lists!! I love to read these!! BTW - my sis Barb is a romance writer - so keep reading!! I loooove them!!Sarah

Anonymous said...

Aw, neat, thank you so much for playing. My second "I should have" would be having gotten my Masters of Library Science. It's a reliable living, always in demand and I love being surrounded by books and book people. Unfortunately, the MLS was not offered in my state and I did not want to move to another state to get it.


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