Friday, June 05, 2009

Wreck this journal

Please ignore this post.

After reading other entries I completelly changed my plan. :D *manic laughter*

Just the thing to do, steer the way 180º and go somewhere else on the first day.

101 Things about me (started this list in 2003 and updated the dates)

This is what I want to experiment on with Jamie´s The next chapter edition: Wreck this journal.And it will help me finish the scrapbook I started so long ago. Here I am. This is me. I will wreck my life to start over. ;)

1. I was born on a Carnival Sunday afternoon at siesta time.

2. On the way to the maternity ward my parents stopped at

a gas station that has been pointed out to me whenever we are

remotely close.

3. My first name is María.

4. I had a happy childhood.

5. I hated my teen years.

6. At 36 I feel better than ever. < -- I´m 42 not not half bad ;)

7. I wanted to be an Engineer.

8. I am a Librarian.

9. I kept the boyfriend from the University.

10. Dh is an Engineer.

11. After we came home from our honeymoon my dh

phoned me from work. “Do you want to move?” he asked me.

Two months later we were in the UK.

12. I studied local history there at Liverpool University courses.

13. I worked for the County Council with antique documents.

14. I taught Spanish in a further education programme.

15. I learnt to cross stitch.

16. I bought a lot of books about cross stitch.

17. I don´t cross stitch much nowadays.

18. We visited tons of castles and historical houses.

19. Also tons of craft fairs.

20. We used to do a hundred miles round trip to have Welsh cakes.

21. I colected thimbles from the places we visited in the UK.

22. Leather bookmarks too.

23. I love magazines.

24. Especially decorating ones.

25. Also books.

26. I love British women writers, especially crime ones.

27. I was a one-book-a-day sci fi fan during school holidays.

28. Nowadays I only read romantic novels.

29. I used to be a tv addict.

30. Now I am an Internet addict.

31. Dh is the best man I ever met: handsome, smart and caring.

32. Ds (7 years old) is following dad steps. <-- 13 He´s a teen!

33. Dd (3 years old) is a smiling beauty. <-- 9

34. The three of them are chatty.

35. I became chatty after finding the sb sites!

36. Kim J. was the first person I ever chatted with on the net.

37. I love my cyber friends, I jump for joy when they have great news

and I am sad when they are sad.

38. I am a scrapbooking Cinderella with many

scrapbooking Fairy Godmothers.

39. I have been scrapbooking forever not knowing there was a name

for what I was doing.

40. I started scrapbooking the safe way on April 13th 2001

41. I don´t scrap all my pictures, so I am almost caught up

with my kids albums. <-- quite

42. I took so many pictures that dh started calling me Happysnappy.

43. I felt very comfortable with my Canon 1000<-- and now my Panasonic Lumix X12.

44. Kodak or Fuji. 200 ASA. 36 pics.

45. I don´t take so many pics anymore because

I think layouts while I snap. <-- Scrap that, I take a gazillion pics again with the digi

46. I am planning a flower album and a heritage one. <-- in progress

47. I am learning a lot of stories from my family

thanks to the heritage one.

48. I wish I could find a way to make my pages

have more visual weight. <-- still working on it

49. I want to make my own cards.

50. But only for other scrappers.

51. My favourite colour is blue.

52. But my house is all in red, yellow and green.

53. Most of my furniture is oak

54. My house was a love at first sight.

55. I have a craft room.

56. I don´t actually scrap there but at my dh´s studio. <-- the studio is now ds´s room. I´m back at the attic.

57. I got my driving licence in my mid30s.

58. I don´t know how to ride a bike.

59. I don´t know how to skate.

60. I learnt to ski in 2001.

61. Sports aren´t my thing.

62. I go the gym twice a week. <-- Not any more. I exercise at home

63. I hate the class but love the chat with the girls

before and after the work out. <-- I chat at the school gates with other moms

64. My dh loves the results I´m getting at the gym.

65. Spanish is my native language.

66. I learnt English at school.

67. I studied French for six years.

68. I have forgotten most of it.

69. I have been studying German for years. <-- done

70. I still don´t get it right. Oh, those declinations. Blah.

71. I love boxes. Actually containers of any kind.

72. The radio is always on when I´m home.

73. I love the Beatles.

74. Have all their music.

75. And lots of books about them.

76. I love Agatha Christie´s books.

77. I have some copies in Russian, Dutch, Portuguese,

Italian, French and Japanese. Just for fun.

78. I wrote a lot of short stories when I was younger.

79. I didn´t have a Barbie until I was in my twenties.

80. My dh gave it to me because I told him

I really regretted not having one as a child

(they came here when I had outgrown dolls)

81. I am soooooooooooo happy my dd is into Barbies.

82. I have fun playing with my kids toys.

83. I know a lot about cartoons, both old and new.

84. I like going to McDonalds for lunch with my kids.

85. I like going to fancy restaurants for dinner with my dh.

86. I forget to turn my cell phone on most of the time.

87. I love getting mail, even junk mail.

88. I have tons of loyalty cards from stores and airlines.

89. My favourite flowers are jazmines and daffodils.

90. My favourite fruits are the white plums and the bananas.

91. I like flowers better in their own plant than in a vase.

92. I love picture frames.

93. I have over 120 pictures displayed at home.

94. I have lots of perfumes that I use acording to my mood.

95. My most cherished one is Dune by Christian Dior.

96. My favourite nowadays is Romance by Ralph Lauren in 2005. <-- 30.05.09 Prüne III

97. I love Ralph Lauren casual clothes.

98. Also Prüne´s handbags and Hush Puppies shoes.

99. I wear my hair very long, but that is the usual lenght here. <--- shoulder lenght

100. No make up, except on Friday evenings for my date

with my dh.

101. It took me three days to compile this list. < -- Wish I had saved all the previous versions to see it change from 2003 to 2009


B said...

Love this list! Very revelatory! I used to scrapbook without knowing what I was doing too!

Kavindra said...

OK well I didn't ignore the post. I loved it. I found out alot and my favorite new thing I know now is that your husband came up with happysnappy.

Can't wait to see what direction you are going with the book.

nadia said...

love the list! are we doing a bit of procrastinating? I only say that because I live it! ciao!

Serena said...

I loved reading your list, Paula! :)


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