Sunday, June 07, 2009

June´s full moon

June´s full moon board. Go round to Jamie´s blog to see more examples. :)
I looked for a picture that conveyed Fun (which is my month´s focus) for the base.
The little sign on the top right says "Facing the cold with your best face". It was taken from Elle´s magazine current issue (as all my boards this year) and was the starting point for flowerifying all the faces, which in turn is perfect for my "no stranger faces on my boards" rule. Lol!
I only added a Barbie sweets butterfly sticker.

Side B:
Another ad, this time I took an artistic licence and just cut the face away. :D
Cool shoes. The bag is not half bad either.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

What fun! I love seeing how the moon and natural mode shifts in your hemisphere - with you facing the cold as I'm stepping into the heat. Maybe by hanging out together we'll find a great balance :)

Here's to FUN for you! May all your dreams come true.


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