Friday, June 12, 2009

Notice anything different?

Hi! Welcome!
This is where we live. Our house was a love at first sight. The stop-breathlessly-on-your-tracks-oh-my-goodness-my-heart-just-skipped-a-beat kind. The I-will-survive-on-bread-and-tap-water-for-the-next-ten-years-if-necessary-but-I-want-that-house-now type. Yes, I actually said that to my hubbie. :D

A bit over 10 years ago it was white on the front and grey at the back. *shudder* We had it painted white on the front and pumpkin at the back and added a black rail fence. Last year we were ready for a change and chose this cheery yellow with white. The back? Well, the back is also yellow ... but a BRIGHTER one! You´d love it. Trust me.

Anyway... did you notice anything? Clue? Look up.

There is something at the attic/craftroom/studio window. What is THAT?, you ask.
Look closer.There is a Sun hanging from my window. A happy Sun. :)
It is my Journal!!! The page says "The Sun shone on this page on June 11th"
In case you think that page was too nurturing for a Wreck this Journal project, then look what happened to another page. I had to stop myself from crumpling half the journal after that page so I just smoothed it and crumpled it again. ;)

Do you have a journal in need of wrecking? Then come and play with us at Jamie´s place: Next Chapter - Wreck this journal


peppylady said...

Just stopping in. The sun is shinning here also.
There talking about thunderstorm this weekend sometime.

Coffee is on.

Jamie Ridler said...

That is SO wonderful!! I just loved coming in closer and discovering your journal!! What a great adventure you took us readers on.

And your house is so happy and inviting! I think she's very glad you fell in love with her and made her home :)

Barb said...

Ohhhh, it's rainy here today, so I'm going to use your idea of the shinning sun and hang my journal outside right now to cheer things up a bit!

Enjoy more wrecking this next week.


misteejay said...

We had some sunshine here today but it wasn't as cheerful as your sun or the lovely colour of your house.

Your yellow house looks so warm and friendly.

Toni :o)

Dee said...

In the second picture, it looks like your house is smiling!

Cynthia said...

Your house does look like it is smiling!! I think it is the best house ever. The colors, the architecture! Wow! very cool and so much fun discovering your glorious journal hanging in the sun!!!

valariebudayr said...

I just love your yellow house. It looks so happy and inviting. Happy wrecking. I'll be back again.

Serena said...

Yellow house = Happy house ~ :)

I loved how you laid out this post....with the little treat at the end. NEAT!

Hybrid J said...

What a loving way to introduce "Wreck This Journal". Wonderful work!

Genie Sea said...

Oh the sunshine and happiness drips like honey from your house! And the sunny journal! The slow close-up to it! What fun! :)

Leah said...

So fun! Loved how you invited us to look closer.

kikipotamus said...

Your house is beautiful, definitely worth living on bread and water for. :) Sun shining on sun in journal out the window of a sunny yellow house!

Sherri said...

The hanging sunshine is glorious! Nice work.

Kirby3131 said...

I just have to say - I love yellow houses!!

lusia said...

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Suzie the Foodie said...

What a beautifully sunny home and there you have hung even more sunshine!

You know, that's exactly it, the moon looked upside down! It was soooooo weird. Thank you for letting me know I'm not the only one who thought so.

Brandi said...

I absolutely adore your yellow house!!!

my living room is painted the same color as your house.


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