Friday, July 17, 2009

Not a good day

Journal says "Even a Superhero may have a BAD day".
Just the day before the bathroom was supposed to be ready the workmen have:

* broke the bidet tap, it leaks all over the place.
* made the wrong holes for WC and broke the floor tile in the process
* chipped my brand new wash stand
* made a 4 cm. chip in the brand new bath tub
* lost a screw from the bath tub taps

And today, just as I was closing the fence door two girls and a boy (about 22) with two big dogs stopped at my front grass and let the dog crap on it.
Have you got something to pick that up?, couldn´t hide my disgust in my voice.
Without even turning, she shrugged and said in a dissmisive tone "No, I brought nothing"
Why should I pick that up?
While walking away she blatantly lied "I might pick it up on my way back"

Even while thinking what the Universe was trying to teach me I had this fantasy of just running after her and pull her by her hair.
Mr. Universe if you don´t stop messing with me, I´ll kick you back.
I have said.


misteejay said...


Hope the workmen will be replacing all the stuff they have damaged.

Toni :o)

Kavindra said...

Oh my poor little sister!

I've got a notion to get out some purple paint and fly down there and help kick some a**.

But on second thought, Superheroine Paula can handle this herself... I'd just be in the way ;)

Tell those dummies it's "Wreck this Journal" not "Wreck Paula's Home".

Jamie Ridler said...

Oh, man! What a rough day. I hope that it all improves really soon and that the wreckage stays in the journal!

Serena said...

i sure hope the workmen are replacing all the things they damaged. and i certainly wouldn't like cleaning up the crap of other people's dogs either. :( sometimes, i think these negative contrasts are there to test us.

may tomorrow be a much better day for you, paula. (((Hugs)))

Hybrid J said...

Well done! Keep wrecking!! :)

Genie Sea said...

What incredibly rude kids and what incompetent workers! I'm sorry your week was "crappy", Paula. Hugs!

Sherri said...

Sorry to hear about the rough time. I hate when other people's actions turn in to extra chores. Love the Batman figure stickered in to your journal!


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