Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weekend fun

Please click on this mosaic to enlarge the image.
Yiiiiippppppeeeeee! Freedom. We went to the river side in Tigre. The
promenade is beautiful. We visited a fairly new museum that was a turn
of the century club, gorgeous architecture and a fun exhibition about a
musical group that is 40 years old this year. They
had many instruments (the Les Luthiers make a lot of their instruments with
everyday objects) and stuff from their shows plus videos in several rooms
with their shows.
After a quick snack at a cute restaurant by the river and went to the naval
museum. As you know ds is a history buff and he was jumping up and
down when he realized it was a military museum including war planes and
ammunition and not a boats museum.


misteejay said...

Big boys and their love of 'toys' LOL

The photos are fab Paula and it sounds like you had a super time - I love wandering round places like your riverside. Parts of the old East London Docklands have been renovated and it is lovely to wandering along the river and see all these old buildings that have been turned into wonderful restaurants and bars inside - great on a lovely sunny day.

Toni :o)

miss*R said...

thanks tons for your supportive comments on my story... anytime you are scared stiff and need to talk, please email me xo

the riverside looks delightful.. is it winter time where you live? If so, it doesn't look much like my winter here right now.. it is so cold..

Serena said...

the mosaic pics are beautiful, paula! what a wonderful time you all had ~ :)

kikipotamus said...

What a fun time! Les Luthiers sound like a riot! I would love to see/hear them.


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