Monday, August 24, 2009

Not a single picture

From somebody whose blog is called Happysnappy because of the amount of pictures she takes this is one strange statement!
But a true one. I didn´t take a single picture this weekend, and I had a ton of photo ops! Just too busy having fun. ;)
On Friday, Tati was invited for lunch after school and then went to a birthday party with her hostess. Mati invited a friend home, so I picked both boys up from school and then exchanged backpacks with the mom that had invited Tati. We took her school stuff and left the party stuff.
After an afternoon playing the boys didn´t want to part so Nico stayed for the night. To make things even, when Lara´s mom brought Tati home we invited her for a sleepover on Saturday too. Dh said that if Tati´s friend was coming at 5pm for the night, why not phone the parents and ask the family (all five of them) to come for dinner and then leave the oldest girl here?
Ok. Clean, shop for groceries and cook dinner for 9 in under four hours. Easy, right? ;) Dh took care of the BBQ, I took care of, well, you know, everything else. Lol!
On Sunday morning after Mass, we left Lari with her family and went for lunch with my in laws.
And not a single pic to show for it.


misteejay said...

Sometimes you need to 'chill' and just enjoy the fun.

You could always select some pics that remind you of the weekend and concentrate on journalling to record the memory if you wanted to scrap the event.

Toni :o)

Pink Heels said...

I love it when I am in a moment that causes me to forget the time or even the concept of taking pictures. Ironically, those are typically the moments when I really wish that I had pictures.


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