Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yay me! Artist date

I grumbled all the way. You know the type of grumbling: Whyyyyyyyyy did I join YET ANOTHER project? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? If I know I won´t be able to keep all my deadlines and I´ll beat myself up because EVERYBODY ELSE is doing fine!?!?!

I grumbled all the three blocks, listing the reasons why I should stay home and not show up for the artist´s date.

And then I arrived. I admit the Casa Carnacini was looking good and my feelings were warmer.
First I visited the Enrique Policastro paintings exhibition. A few paintings of northern people. I felt I had done my duty. Then I visited the Carlos Alonso drawings exhibition upstairs. Mom says he must be good if I felt so strongly about his paintings. I say I didn´t like the violence and left the room in under a minute.
But then, ... the miracle.
Maraña gestual. Please visit the blog of this young local artist and click on the different posts with his art. He makes sculptures with found objects and plays with words for the titles. Fun, fresh, with an amazing management of the human posture.

My personal favourites were el portero (portero means both goal keeper and the doorman that is in charge of maintenance at the appt buildings), el abrazo contenedor ( a hug with fork or a comforting hug as con tenedor means With fork and contenedor means comforting, lol) and el tronco (you tell a bad futball player he´s made of wood).

You need to be an argentinian in your forties to understand capitan Piluso, with it´s reference to the tv character and the glass of milk & cookies traditional of the 5pm tea watching him.

Explore and enjoy!

The YAY ME! came when I skipped and hummed the three blocks back home. Well done Paula! You showed up and it was great. Light pat on the back. ;)


Kavindra said...

As Paula wishes to acknowledge about herself, getting out there, showing up, and getting a great big reward for doing so, so I would like to acknowledge as well.

Yay Paula! Yay Art! Yay Inspiration! Yay Universe, for rewarding your effort!

Girlie-Queue said...

Paula, you almost made me fall off of my chair laughing! I love the vision of you skipping home... but more so the vision of people *watching* you skip home and wondering what you were so happy about!! :) Wow, today is an awesome day for 'showing up'. Cheers!
As Paula acknowledges herself, so too do I acknowledge Paula! Having fun in the rain forest :)

Stefanie said...

Yay for Paula for showing up for her own date. (I stood myself up this week :( .)

As Paula wishes to acknowledge herself, so I wish to acknowledge her as well.

You've inspired me this week. Thanks so much.

Peace to you.

Holly said...

You and I are on the same wave length for this wish chica!

As Paula so acknowledges about herself, I lovingly give her a YAY YOU!

Summer Raven said...

I have been in that story too. Before the event feelings of not wanting or having energy for it, THEN being there and realizing how wonderful the experience is!
Good to read your story, Paula!

Jamie Ridler said...

As Paula wishes to acknowledge herself, so I acknowledge her also.

Yay you for going on your artist date! And thank you for sharing the work of Maraña Gestual!

Deldino said...

As Paula wishes to acknowledge for herself, so I acknowledge with her.
May you keep showing up and skipping home!

Ellecubed said...

As Paula wishes to acknowledge herself, so I acknowledge her also,

Yay for going on an artist date and this lovely resulting blog post. I sometimes find it difficult to go on artist dates but always find it rewarding once I go on them.

Serena said...

Well done to you, Paula! What a fun artist's date too! :)

Giulietta said...

Hi Paula,

So want to visit Argentina! Congrats for going through with your own plans. So many times we talk ourselves out of things and end up sitting around wishing we went.

Here's to you continuing to show up. Will check out the artist you mention!


differenceayearmakes said...

Well done! Isn't it amazing how we resist something so life enhancing.

Meredith said...

It sounds like you had a very playful and fulfilling date. I'm so glad you got out there. I also resist the Artist Dates, and even tho last week's went so wonderfully, I am already building up resistance to this week's. Aren't our egos funny?

Love the art discovery. And I adore hearing that you skipped home! Wow. Somebody made her artist child very happy :)

gemma said...

Yay! What a great art date!!!! Love them!

Sonny said...

Paula...congrats to you for completing your artist date and taking us on part of the journey. Yes, this is a tough project, I am slipping, too, but trying my best to keep up with it.

Kudos to you!


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