Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sad and angry at the same time

Somebody stole Tatiana´s DS from her backpack at the shopping mall. :( There was only one moment that I had my back turned to her, that´s when we just entered the mall and I stood watching Mati to be sure he took the street in the right direction (he went directly to my moms home ´cause he didn´t need to shop). Tati has cried a complete sea, and I haven´t been much behind (when everybody was asleep of course) ´cause I feel responsible for not taking proper care of her. :(


misteejay said...

Oh Paula, it is not your fault - it is the heartless people who see no problem stealing from a child.

Sending you both (((hugs)))

Toni :o)

Kavindra said...

I think I understand. Someone stole from me once as an adult, and I felt so vulnerable and violated ... even tho what they stole was worth about 5 bucks max.

I can't imagine how you must feel having it happen to Tati. It of course is not your fault, but I understand the emotion behind it, seeing the violation of someone you would do anything and everything to protect ...

What a mean cruel thing to do to an unsuspecting little girl.

I too am sending you both big hugs.

Marja said...

Hugs Paula. I can't understand the mentality of a person who steals from a little girl (or steals from anyone for that matter). I can understand how you feel though it's not your fault. Just as a Mother, you feel the hurt and upset that your kids feel and then add to that the feeling of helplessness, that you can't do anything to change it all. Poor Tati and poor you. I hope the DS breaks so that the person who stole it gets nothing positive out of the experience. Better yet, hope it explodes in their hand like the iPhones have been doing, lol.


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