Thursday, September 17, 2009

Come on and shine

Another cool project! Danette just launched her Self Expression Springboard (name which, with us feeling springier by the day, is particularly fitting)

This is what she had to say today:

Imagine you at your most powerful. You rock. You are a freaking champion, and everyone knows it. We are filling a stadium to the brim, voices cheering and hearts splashing in anticipation of you making your entrance. We all know what song is going to blast through the speakers as you walk into the ring. It suits this moment perfectly. It makes you feel so good, to step into the light with this song playing...

What is the song? Oh I'm dying to know! What is it about this song? How does it make you feel? Who are you being when you walk out to this song?

You can explore this catalyst any way you choose to. Craft, video, photography, dance, writing, performance, or even by simply answering the question in one sentence. Any way you choose is expressive. Use Self-Expression Springboards and see where they take you!

This is my song: Shine. I loved it back in 1993 while living in Chester, England and used it as background music for a video of our daffodils there. I was hyper glowing at that time. *grin at the memories*

What is your song?


Danette said...

Enter: the shining star. Shining into the future. That's you baby!

Miss Becky said...

what a jam! I love this. you shine!

Carmen said...

I can feel it! love it!
Shine on you crazy diamond ;-)

Do you speak Spanish dear Paula?

Allison said...

Oh I love the visuals that accompany it. I will have to track this one down to hoop to. Thank you for sharing!

Fatma said...

Hi Paula

Great to connect again. I love shine. It totally suits you! :)

XO Fatma


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