Friday, October 09, 2009

The Joy diet: week 4

First I want to officially thank my brother in law who brought me the book from the USA. Thank you M! It makes me feel "legitimate" to be able to read the actual book and not work from research and reviews.

On to this week´s post: Jamie posted a lovely video about Desire. I´ve already told her that I LOVE her voice and her body language. She is a wonderful guide. :)

As many have experienced this week, I had a certain resistance to Desire. No problems with the "Nothing" week, as I´ve been exploring that for some time. Great work with "Truth" week, I incorporated that to my daily life in very powerful ways. And then came Desire.


Aha. Empty. *blink again* Of course my wish came to light first. {BTW, my hubbie who didn´t know about that post asked for a quote on that trip the next day.} I put it down, poor dream. Then other thoughts came up. Down they went in an instant. I even tried to explore them with my late full moon board. And still I haven´t got a clue!

Off to read all the links to this week´s work.

And try again.


sherry ♥ lee said...

Paula, being "empty" on the desire chapter seems to be happening to quite a few of us. For me I need to allow myself to feel the desire for what I want and to actually acknowledge what I want. And I know it can be done! How wonderful of your brother-in-law to bring you the book..he is a gift!

City Girl said...

You know, I remember so many years where I would be asked "what do you want" and I wouldn't know, and then the switch was far from gradual. I went from not knowing to having many many pebbles - it was like a light switch. :) But all those years before, I could so related to feeling nothing, and not in the chapter 1 nothing definition.

Serena said...

How interesting that you came up empty Desire but also very interesting that your 'wish' manifested in some way. Maybe just start with smaller desires and take note of anything that keeps repeating itself? I'm sure as you keep focusing each day, your inner desire will reveal itself to you. xo

Grammy said...

You wish list is desires. Like I had a bucket list and completed most of them before June of this year. Even a candy bar is a simple desire. You are doing a great job.

kikipotamus said...

Hmmm, I think Desire would be a tricky one for me, too. Good luck!

Genie Sea said...

Indeed. It's not unusual to run on empty when it come to Desire. We have been taught to suppress that. It could also be that all your desires have been fulfilled which is excellent. Or it could be that they will come rushing at you when you least expect it.

And when you find them, may it be rewarding beyond expectation. :)

Ellecubed said...

I also found that I struggled with being unable to articulate my desires. I found the more that I tried to articulate my desires and separate the real from the fall, the easier it became to find my desires.

gemma said...

I love your blog banner.
I'd say if you are happysnappy....
What could be better?
Oh I know there will be other desires...but happy is good!

Dia said...

It was also challanging for me to articulate *desires* during the week - but things would flit in. Interesting that for me some link with creativity (our next chapter). I too have trouble at times articulating what I want - to do, to have . . . & at others know when I see something!

How delightful that your bro-in law helped you manifest a hard copy of the book!!

Lisa @sacred circle said...

Yes, do keep trying... I would hardly call your experience "empty." There's just some things that keep stepping in your way... but your desires are there. Simply recognizing them gives them juice to grow.

theifswtich said...

I just love the photo!
and certainly understand the feeling of coming up empty when confronting will be interesting to see what little seeds come to light in the weeks ahead.

Karen D said...

I can relate, sometimes I ask myself what is it I really want and I just don't always know. One step at a time, thank you for sharing your week with desire.

Jamie Ridler said...

Thank you, Paula. I so appreciate your wonderful and loving words.

I'm so glad you got the book. Big hugs to your b-i-l!

Desire can be like a shy, wild animal. The more room we make for it, the more it shows up. Dreamboards, wishes, journaling, collaging, all are invitations to our desire. Sometimes desires can be coaxed out too by just noticing little things throughout the day - the preferences you have, the choices you make. When you choose red instead of green, you are acknowledging your desires and making it safer and safer for them to come out to play.


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